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February 2016

Choosing the Best Set of Designer Frames

When the time comes to choose a new pair of designer glasses, it pays to think about several key factors. Spending a little time evaluating possible frame options will make it easier to choose something that looks and feels right. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking a look at different frames.

Suitable for Work and Play?

The goal is to choose a set of frames that will be ideal for wear no matter what is going on. Think about the type of glasses that would fit in with the image that must be projected at work. If the work setting is somewhat conservative, it pays to invest in frames that are more subtle in design. For people who work for companies that are more casual, it is possible to consider designs that include different shapes, sizes, and colors. Remember that one benefit of simple frames is that they tend to work well in any situation. That means even after work is done for the day, it is still possible to dress up for a night on the town and the glasses will fit right in.

Skin and Hair Tones

It pays to focus on styles that blend in well with the hair color and the skin tone. For those with more of an olive complexion or a deep tan, something that doesn’t contrast would be a good fit. Consider something that tends to blend in more, like a shade of brown instead of going with something like a pale blue.

For those with pale skin and lighter colors of hair, contrast is often a good choice. This means black frames are likely to be the right choice. They will help call attention to the eyes and give the face a little more character.

Size Counts

Depending on the contours of the face, the frame design will vary. The goal is to help balance the shape of the face using the frames. This means someone with a rounder face will want to look closely at rectangular frames that help to add visual interest and make the face seem more oval.

Remember that help with frame selection is never far away. Work with an expert and it will not take long to find the ideal pair of designer frames.