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The Water Heater Buying Guide – What to Know Before Making the Purchase

Most of the manufacturing companies offer 12 – 15 years of warranty on water heaters. If hard water is supplied to your homes, the heater might not even last till the warranty period. These days, many energy efficient heating systems are available in the market to choose from. You must do the homework well to find a cost efficient system.

In order to heat a tank, the traditional system will consume about 20% of the home’s energy. However, the advanced efficient systems will boost 4 – 20% of energy. You could contact a trustworthy and knowledgeable contractor, who fully understands the regulations of new systems.

Determining the capacity

Capacity is an essential feature to check while purchasing the water heaters San Diego. A family of four would require around 100 gallons of water every day to wash the dishes, clothes, take shower and perform daily activities. However, it certainly does not mean they would require 100 gallons of storage tank. You have to calculate the first hour rating or FHR and the gallons per minute ratings or GPM.

If you would use the hot water after a while, it while either cool down or become less hot. In order to return to original FHR, it will take sufficient time and energy. There is a misunderstanding among folks that new water systems will take the place of the old one. The newer models are taller and wider due to the efficiency improvement and increased insulation.

Which is the best system?

Several types of water heaters are available in the market depending on usage and requirements. Some of the advanced models guarantee to reduce half of the energy cost spent on traditional models. The most popular systems are-

  • The storage tank water heater
  • heat pump water heater
  • The tank less heater
  • Condensing heater
  • Solar heater

Know more about the storage systems

The storage water heater is popular these days. The systems include a highly insulated tank to heat and store water and a pipe attached above it. The valve fitted to the tank helps to control temperature and pressure. The systems operated with natural gas use less energy as compared to the electric heaters. However, the gas systems are little expensive that other alternatives.

The tank less water heaters will not store the water. Rather, they will heat water using the heating coils whenever you need it. They offer 3.5 gallons of water flow every minute. The systems are best for those who do not water for multiple applications like washing dishes and washing clothes simultaneously. Most of the systems use gas to heat water.

Why to choose the heat pump water systems?

The heat pump water heaters use heat from the surroundings to heat water. The best thing about the system is they use 60% less energy than standard heaters. However, their average cost is more than any other electric only models. The system might not provide sufficient results during the cold spaces. It is ideal for the areas that experience 40- 90 degrees of temperature.